How Have We Helped Dickey's Barbecue Owners?

Don't take our word for it, listen to what Patrick, the owner of the Ameila & Fairfield Locations, had to say about working with the team at Restaurant Marketing That Works.

What Do We Help You Do?

  • Create In-Store, Online & Social Ad Programs

  • Build A Huge Email & Text List

  • Drive Traffic To Your App Or Loyalty Program

  • Drive Online Ordering Traffic

  • Gain HUGE Social Media Exposure

  • Gain & Gate Reviews

  • Build A Birthday Program

  • Deeper Customer Data

What Are Some Specific Results This Dickey's Barbecue Restaurant Saw From Working With Us For A Few Months?

  • Per the testimonial video above, it's driving online engagement and sales.

  • Built a 6,000+ customer list.

  • 35% of the new customers are NEW to Dickey's Barbecue.

  • 28% of these customers told us they had stopped coming before joining the program.

  • Drove 1,958up front customer visits, 64% which were from NEW & LOST customers!

  • 23% customer activation compared to 2-4% from direct mail.


This is a sneak peak at our client ROI dashboard. An industry exclusive that shows you EXACTLY how we are helping your Dickey's Restaurant.

Results may and WILL vary per location. The #'s referenced above are the actual results from this location and in no way guarantee or promise that you'll see similar results.

Our programs, the ROI Engine & Database Dynamite, are a product of Restaurant Marketing That Works, a division of America's Best Restaurants.

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